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Important!!! This walkthrough is for the Remake of PQ1 and not for the old EGA one made in the 80's.



Police Quest 1(new edition) walkthru

by Stinger (stinger31@mailexcite.com)

Version 1.0 (updated 7/2/98)


I was very surprised to see that in all the years that the VGA version of Police Quest 1 has been available, no one has written a walkthru for it. So here it is. This guide, if followed directly, will take you all the way through the VGA version of Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel.


Make sure you realize that this guide is for the updated, VGA version. It has nice graphics, lots of dialogue, a decent soundtrack, and it uses the mouse. If you attempt to follow this walkthrough when playing the ancient, EGA graphics version of the game, you'll be infinitely confused. Just make sure that the version you're playing uses the mouse and you'll be okay.


If followed closely, this walkthru will get you through with the full 225 points possible. However, if you think you followed it and you still find yourself short a few points, then take a look at my pointcheck for this game. It should be in the same place you found this walkthrough. I can also give you any extra help you need with any area of the game. My e-mail address is stinger31@mailexcite.com; don't hesitate to write me if you need any sort of help.


Here we go....


Watch the intro if you feel so inclined. It's just credits. Read the little magazine excerpts at the beginning; they set the stage for what's to come. Now you're pulling into the police station. There you are; Sonny Bonds, Lytton patrolman. Ready for another day fighting crime.




Walk through the hallway, off to the right. You should now be in the main hallway, with three doors. Look at each one. The door on the far right leads to the locker room. Enter that one (by clicking the Hand on it).


Now you're in the locker room. The locker in the center of the room is yours. Open it using the combination, which is in your manual. *NOTE* I will NOT, I repeat NOT, give the combination through e-mail. It's copy protection information. If you do not have the PQ1VGA manual, you'll need to contact Sierra about it. Do not ask me for the combo.


Once the locker's open, grab your towel. Unlike the EGA version, you can't skip your shower. Walk into the shower area to clean up. Once you're finished, open your locker again and get your uniform on. Then get your nightstick, your ticket book, and your Corvette keys. Even though you don't need those keys, you still get points. Exit the locker room the way you came in.


Once back in the hall, enter the central door. This is the briefing room. Look in your pigeonhole (right side, second from the bottom). Get the note inside. Now pick up the newspaper on the table. After you finish reading it, people will start to file in. Take your seat; you're standing right next to it. Here comes Sergeant Dooley. You may want to write down the important things he says; it'll come in handy later. Once everyone's gone, follow them back to the hall.


In the main hallway, take a set of keys from the pegboard on the wall and a radio extender from the table. Exit to the left, and keep walking all the way to the parking garage. Once there, you have to do a safety check. This involves walking fully around your squad car. You will be told once you've successfully done this. Click the hand on your car, and you're off!


I'm not going to explain the driving interface, or the map. The game will take care of that for you. For now, drive around aimlessly. Once you get called, head for that 11-80 on Fig Street between 4th and 3rd. It's in the top left map, the street in front of the McDonald's. Driving by it will be enough to stop the car and you'll automatically get out.




Looks like a mess. Look inside the car at the driver. Yuck. Now feel for a pulse or vital signs. Nothing at all. This one's dead, Bonds. Click your radio on yourself to call Dispatch for the meat wagon. Now it's time to find witnesses. Click Talk on the people, and a young man will come forward. Once he finishes, keep talking to him until he gives up the license plate number. Call Dispatch again. By this time, Dooley will probably have arrived. Get back in your car and head on out.




Once you get called by Dispatch again, drive to Caffeine Carol's (top left building in the top right map). Turn into the "driveway". Get out of your car and walk in through the door. There's your friend Steve, on the bar stool. Sit to the right of him. In the midst of your conversation, the phone will ring. After Carol tells you it's for you, pick it up and talk to Hamilton. Once you're finished, sit back on your stool. When Steve's finished talking, get up and walk out. Don't bother to stop by Wino Willy's; you'll be there later. Get in your car and hit the road.




This part is different. Instead of driving around, waiting for Dispatch to call, you drive around waiting for a red car to cut you off. Once the car blazes by, immediately hit your siren. DO NOT TURN AFTER THE CAR. If you don't hit your siren, you'll lose the car. Once you've pulled the babe over, don't get out of your car yet. Look at her license plate and radio dispatch. Now you can get out of your car. Look at the driver. Now talk to her. Once she goes through her seduction spiel, go into your inventory and use your pen on your ticket book. Give her the ticket. When given the option, select "Ticket". After she vents her spleen, get back in your car and take off.




Don't stray too far from Carol's, because you'll shortly be called back for a complaint. Once you're back, get out and take a look at the bikes. Gee, wonder what this complaint is about. Go inside, talk to Carol, and she pours her heart out. Sigh. Go back outside, through the alley, and to the entrance to Wino Willy's. Observe the young couple. Ah, young love. Feel free to yell "Get a room!" at your screen. Enter the bar. (*NOTE* Make sure you have your nightstick with you!) The bikers will give you their tough act. Simply click your nightstick on the big guy and it's over. Look at the woman by the jukebox; go talk to her. This is a very important conversation; make sure you don't skip it. After it's over, go back to Carol's, let her know things are over, then get in your car and head out.




Head south for a while until you're cut off by a drunk driver. Hit your siren (remember to hit the siren before doing anything else). Now that he's pulled over, look at his license plate. Radio it in to Dispatch. Now get out of your car, go up to him, and look at him. Sad. Talk to him. Talk again and he'll give you his license. Talk to him one more time and you'll administer the field sobriety test. Now that's entertainment. Talk again, informing him he's under arrest. Cuff him, and answer "No" when he asks to be cuffed in front. Open your backdoor and he'll get in. Now get in yourself. Off to the slammer.




The jail is in the bottom center of the bottom right map. Once there, get out and get your prisoner out. Now, this part is very important: Open the top left storage locker by the door, and put your gun inside. If you don't do this every time you go in the jail, you won't come out alive. Push the entry buzzer and you'll be let in. Now, talk to the jailer. You can book this guy for all manner of things: reckless driving, speeding, drunk driving, not in control of faculties, running a red light (?), and running a stop sign (??). (*NOTE* The codes are also copy protection information in your manual. Do not ask for them). After you've entered all the codes, just hit enter and tell your prisoner to move to the center of the room. Remove his handcuffs (by clicking Hand on him). Once he's locked up, Detective Laura Watts shows up to let you know that Narcotics is accepting transfer requests. It's your dream to be undercover, Bonds...this is your chance. On your way out, get your gun back out of the storage locker. Head for the station. Before you get there, you'll get radioed to go there anyway.




First things first: fill out a transfer form. Once inside, you see those memo slots on the left side of the elevator? Click Hand on them to fill out the request. Now, go see the Sarge. Go one screen east. Just let this scene play out; you'll end up in Dooley's office and be kicked back out. Now go into the locker room and open your locker. Put on your street clothes. Make sure you take your Corvette keys again. Out in the hallway, replace your radio extender and your patrol car keys. Head outside, and get in your blue Corvette. Now you're bound for Jack's birthday party at the Blue Room.




The Blue Room is two blocks northwest of the Police Station. It's a very nice little hangout. Inside you'll find the birthday boy, Jack Cobb. Talk to him and he asks you to sit down. Oblige him, talk to him, talk again, and let the scene play out. He pours out his heart to you and a celebration ensues. Trust me, it makes sense. At the end, Keith reminds you that you have to haul butt back to the station for your next shift. Do it.




Same routine as the beginning of the game. Go to the locker room, put on your uniform, get your nightstick and ticket book, and attend the briefing. Grab your radio extender, patrol car keys, and go outside and get in your car. The neverending battle continues.




This is probably the section I've gotten the most e-mails on since I posted my companion pointchecks many months ago, so pay close attention and follow

every step if you're having trouble. I am always open to e-mail questions,

but make sure you've gone through this first before asking. Alright. Soon after hitting the road, you'll get called to a domestic disturbance at 1st and Lilly. What you need to do is go through this intersection (it works best if you go in a southerly direction) and then you'll be informed of a stolen car. Right after getting this call, you should see the car at the next intersection. Hit the siren and you'll pull him over. Now, the fun begins. Look at the car to get the license plate. Radio it in to Dispatch. Then, radio Dispatch again to call for backup. Wait for Jack to arrive and be fully in place on your passenger side. Open your door, get out, and while standing behind your car door, draw your gun (click it on yourself). Now, talk to him and order him out of the car. As soon as he's out, talk to him again to get him to halt. Then, talk to him again immediately until he's lying on the ground. Click the handcuffs on him now. Once he's arrested and in your car, read him his rights (by talking). The bust is now complete; time to search the car. Click the Hand icon on his door for a closeup; click Hand again on the paint. You'll scratch the paint away, revealing the VIN, and revealing this is the stolen car from the morning briefing! Click outside the closeup to return to the normal view, then click the Hand inside the car where the glove box is. You have a closeup of the glove box. Click Hand on the black book and the licenses to look at them, then push the small button to the left of the black book. You'll pop the trunk. Get out, and click Hand on the trunk to open it and look inside. Make sure you Look at the drugs before walking away. Get in your car, and head for the jail.




Get out, let Hoffman out, lock up your gun, and push the buzzer to get in. Once inside, talk to the jailer, and book Hoffman for posession of a controlled substance, concealed weapon, stolen vehicle, and evading arrest. Now talk to your prisoner and remove his cuffs. Here comes Jack, to tell you Dooley wants to see you back at home base. Off you go.




Head for Dooley's office. He'll leave you to read the memo. Do so. Looks like you got what you wanted; a transfer to Narcotics. Now go back to the locker room, open up your locker, and get your plainclothes. You can leave everything else in the locker. On your way out, replace the patrol car keys on the hall pegboard. Keep your radio, though. Now go one screen left, and push the button to take the elevator upstairs. The door right in front of you on the second floor is Morgan's office; go inside and listen to the briefing. Now leave, go one screen right, and enter your new office. Laura gives you the grand tour. Now you've got to start digging up evidence to put Hoffman away. First thing; open up the bottom-center filing cabinet. Click the Hand on the files to open up the Hoffman file. Read through it and keep it. Now you need to go find more; head downstairs to the evidence lockup. Give the Hoffman file to Ross, and when he brings the evidence, get the gun. Make a note of the serial number. Now go back to Narcotics, and get on your computer. Click on Weapons, and enter the serial number from the gun. Hmmm, it's registered to a Jason Taselli, and there's an FBI case number. Go to your FBI database and enter that case number. Up pops Jason Taselli's file. Hmmm...he has a tattoo of a rose over his left nipple. Just like Marvin Hoffman. It now dawns on you; these men are one and the same. And Taselli is a very wanted man. Print the file out, quit the computer, and take the printout. Take a set of car keys from the pegboard, and hurry downstairs. Take the unmarked car on the right side of the parking lot, and head for the courthouse. Time's a'wastin!




Once you arrive at the courthouse, open the doors and go inside. Talk to Oliver, the clerk. He won't allow you to speak to the judge. Talk to him again. Still no dice. Talk a third time and he'll cave. Now, go through the doors to see the judge. Tell him you're here for a no-bail warrant. He asks for evidence. Give the Hoffman folder to the bailiff. The judge grants the warrant. High-tail it out of there, and to the jail.




Arriving at the jail, the first thing you notice is how awkwardly you parked! You'll see what I mean once you see this part of the game. :) Anyway, it's not necessary to store your gun. Just push the button and go in. Give the warrant to the jailer. Nice job, Bonds! Go outside, and get in your car. You'll automatically go back to the station, where Laura will meet you and inform you of a drug deal going on in the park. Now you must drive to Bert's Park and fight some more crime. Your job is never done.




After Laura drops you off and gives you instructions, enter the park. Walk behind the bushes in front of the lake on the left side of the screen. Draw your gun and radio Laura. Now we play the waiting game. Eventually the dealer comes out. Deny the urge to plug him and wait for his client to come out. You'll see their transaction. Once it's done, and they begin going their separate ways, it's time to make your move. Don't yell, just run out of the bushes. If you do this quickly enough, you should catch the kid before he's offscreen. If you don't...hope you saved the game. Once the kid is halted, question him and read him his rights. Put your gun away. Try to cuff him, and he'll resist. Do it anyway. Now search him, and you'll go back to Laura, where she's got the dealer. (*NOTE* If you're playing the Collection version and the game locks up at this point, there's a patch for it on Sierra's website.) Laura attempts to question Colby and gets nowhere, so talk to your suspect. When the sequence is finished, you'll be back on the road. Head for the jail.




Just can't get over how dumb your car looks parked there. :) Anyhoo, Laura takes the prisoners inside. Store your gun in the locker and push the button to enter the jail. Talk to Paul and book the suspects for possession of a controlled substance and possession of cocaine. Tell them to move to the center of the room, and remove their cuffs. Laura leaves, telling you to go to the Blue Room and cheer up Jack. Follow her out, get your gun, and get goin' to the Blue Room.




This is pretty simple. Go in and sit down next to Jack. Talk to him twice. He tells you his daughter's in the hospital. He's obviously drunk. Now Keith comes in and tells you that Taselli has escaped. Jack leaves in a cab, and you find yourself outside. Morgan wants to see you at the station ASAP, so jump in your car and head there.




Head up to Morgan's office on the second floor. He tells you he wants you to examine the evidence. Go back down to the evidence lockup, give Russ the Hoffman file, and take the black book. Look through it. See if some of the initials ring a bell in your mind. Don't worry if they don't. :) Head back up to Morgan's office. He sends you off to the jail to see Marie Wilkans and talk to her about setting up a sting. To the jail you go.




It's not important that you store your gun in the locker, since you don't have a prisoner. Push the button and go in. You'll automatically talk to Marie and ask her to help with the hotel operation. Once you're done, you can get in your car and leave. As you're driving back to the station, you get called to Cotton Cove, in the bottom-right corner of the map.




Once you arrive, talk to the officers. You've got a dead body here. Walk up to him and pull the sheet off. Now look at him. There's the tattoo of the red nipple. It's Taselli. Tell the officers your findings, get back in your car, and head back to the station.




Head straight for Morgan's office for your briefing. Laura gives you your bleach and your disguise. Once everyone's done, go to the locker room. Get your towel and take a shower. Nice hair, Bonds. :) When you're done, put on your leisure suit. Aren't you just a pimp. Don't go getting an ego or anything. Now get back to Morgan's office for the final briefing. Dooley comes in to tell you that Jack's daughter has died. Now you've got some serious motive to shut down these guys. Go down to the parking garage and get in your unmarked car. Ready? Go to the Hotel Delphoria.




You're here. Get psyched. Walk through the automatic front door. Ring the bell on the front desk and go through your spiel with the clerk. He gives you your room key. Now, you've got a job to do. Head through the door to the right of the elevator. You're in the lounge. Talk to the bartender, Alex, and Marie will recognize you. Talk to Marie to get some info. Talk to the bartender again. Marie will leave so you and Alex can talk. You get invited to the poker game. Good going so far. You'll go up to your room with Marie. She, uh, propositions you. Save your game and then click the Hand on her. Heh. Now restore your game and talk to her instead. Pick up the phone and call 555-3784, Lieutenant Morgan's number. After you talk to him, call 411 to get the cab company's number. Call that number and Marie will go downstairs to wait for the cab. Now get ready for the Poker Game.




Go back downstairs to the lounge. Talk to Alex, and then pay her by clicking your wallet on her. She takes you to the storage room and pats you down. Eventually you can walk to the backroom. Save your game, and sit down in the empty seat at the table next to you. Once the friendly conversation is done, you must choose whether or not you're going to play poker. If you do play, you better win, or the game's over, and you can't save your game while you're playing. But if you choose to skip the game and win, then you won't get the 15 points. It's up to you. In any case, once the game is done and you've won, you're invited back for a bigger game later. Go back up to your room and call Morgan. He tells you to wait for your backup. So wait. Once your backup arrives, gives you your pen and money, and leaves, go back down to the lounge. Talk to the bartender again. You go through the whole routine again and end up in the back backroom. Have a seat. When Frank comes down and asks if you'd be interested in talking business, say yes. Now again you must decide whether to play and chance losing or skip the game and lose 15 points. After the game get in the elevator with Frank and go up to his penthouse for the final confrontation.




Once you're here, Frank tells you who he really is. Jesse Bains, the Death Angel. He begins to talk business with you, and then gets a phone call. When he leaves to take it, don't waste any time. Look at the phone over on the bar on the other side of the room. It says room number 401 on it. Use your pen on yourself to relay this information to Dispatch. The rest plays out...




You've won Police Quest I! If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you play 2 and 3 to continue the storyline. It's a classic series that we hope will continue someday.


This walkthrough took me more then seven months to write, believe it or not. That's about a paragraph every three weeks or so. Sorry to those who e-mailed me that it took me so long; I just put it on the backburner for a loooong time. Because I wrote it over such a long period of time, I apologize for any odd writing inconsistencies. Grisham I ain't. ;-)


If you have any questions at all about this or any other game in the Police Quest series, I'd love to help you. Fire me off an e-mail at stinger31@mailexcite.com, and please visit www.justadventure.com, the Internet's premier website dedicated to adventure games!


Thanks for reading. Peace.